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Papaya-- some are long others rounded. Great for cooking when green, good eating when ripe.
Rambutan when ripe is so delicious. Similar in appearance inside to the lychee or the longan and with a meat texture similar to a grape. You must try to taste all three to simply appreciate.
Durian.. some say the smell is terrible when ripe, but just like its bigger cousin the Jack Fruit that can weigh over 24 kilos each, it is finger lickin' good and its smell is equally unforgetable. Also find someone who knows how to cook it when it is still green.
Santol Tree-- high up on a tree sometimes with more than a half a dozen fruits clump together, some are very sweet and creamy tasting just like the heavenly taste of Mangosteen; others dry and sweet.This is the poor man's mangosteen- so watch out for the super sour ones too.
Mangoes come in many varieties, some slightly larger than a grape to huge ones that weight over a kilo. Sweetness and texture can vary greatly from the different varieties.
 Avocadoes come in long or more rounded shapes. Others turn color when it ripens. All are perfect for that delicious avocado shake or avocado ice cream when ripe. This photograph was taken from the balcony of my 6th floor hotel room.
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Garcinia Mangostana/Mangosteen
Garcinia Mangostana/Mangosteen
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Garcinia Mangostana
Lanzones Fruit is like grapes but with individual slices inside like that of a small orange. Very sweet at times, the smooth and almost glass like meat wraps around each small seed. The more tiny black ants that cling to the stems... the sweeter it is.
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